Sketch by Terry Thomas

The Pope Lick Monster was seen on numerous occasions in Eastern Louisville in the 40's and 50's. It’s named originated from the Pope Lick Creek which travels under the train trestle, adjacent Taylorsville Road.

Although, it has been hypothesized that The Pope Lick Monster was a "Goatman," which makes for a good story, I (Charlie Raymond) believe the creature was actually a Bigfoot.

The creature "would scream" at daredevils attempting to cross the train trestle, as if to warm them of the obvious danger. A few people unfortunately died trying to outrun the oncoming train. The vocalizations were described as "long wails," possible warnings to trespassers to leave his territory (Bigfoot behavior). Many reports of livestock in the area were found ripped apart.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s there were NO documented Bigfoot sightings in this area and NO internet, thus people conjured up the name "Goatman," when it may have been a Bigfoot.

One of the best known incidents involved a group of Boy Scouts camping next to the trestle. Late one evening the creature "screamed and threw rocks" at them, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night (Bigfoot behavior).

Regarding its physical appearance it may have been a Bigfoot with mange on its upper torso. The hairless upper body represented a man, while the hairy legs gave the appearance of a goat. A Bigfoot report in nearby Spencer County with possible mange was seen on a few occasions in 2005.

Since the 40's and 50's there have been many Bigfoot sightings in the surrounding areas. See reports for Spencer and Bullitt counties on our site:

There was even a low budget movie made about The Pope Lick Monster.


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