Audio Recordings


Date: 12-20-2017

Location: Private property.

Time: 3:00pm

Two investigators spent the afternoon hiking, making tree knocks and whoops. Just prior to hearing three response whoops, we burnt some bacon over the campfire. A small rock was thrown in our direction then our recorder captured these really nice whoops!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Date: 5-31-14

Location: Summer Shade, KY (private property)

Terrain: Hilly with hollows and creeks. Pockets of dense forest. Homes nearby.

Weather: Clear night, no wind nor visable moon.

History: There has been a long history of reports in the surrounding area. The landowner has captured tree knocks and howls from this location (see further down this page). He's also found an arrowhead in the exact spot where a pile of corn and apples vanished (possible gifting senario).

Six investigators, along with a few guests, spent the evening hiking and then later while conversing around the campfire, we received tree knocks, a grunt and possible whistles. Our recorder was placed in a tree about 25 yds from the campfire.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Date: 12-30-13

Location: Ohio County, KY (private property)

Terrain: Miles from the nearest home; dense woods, scattered pastures, hollows and hills. Accessible from only one direction by 4x4.

Weather: Very clear, no wind and bitterly cold, reaching a low of 16 degrees.

History: Over a dozen bigfoot reports from this area along with odd vocalizations heard frequently (as recent as 12-17-13).

At 8:46pm, after making a fire, Nishea, Brent and myself (Charlie) hiked away from base camp in a NW direction. Mary, Paul and three children stayed at basecamp with the two trucks. Don arrived later in the evening after the vocalizations occurred.

Upon reaching the top of a small hill we decided to do tree knocks (one at a time). A few minutes after each knock we would hear a faint single response knock. We radioed to basecamp to make sure it wasn't them and to make sure it wasn't a truck door slamming. Brent and Nishea scanned the area often with the FLIRs, but no heat source was noticed. The knocks seemed to emanate from a dense cedar thicket to our right. We decided to walk down the hill into a hollow and reluctantly enter the cedar thicket (except Nishea, she spearheaded the charge!) After emerging out the opposite side of the cedar thicket we noticed what appeared to be a light flash in the distance directly in front of us, about 300 yards through the trees. It was at this point (10:44pm) we thought for sure we had company! We were certain it was coon hunters, teenagers or other squatchers--THE REASON WE KEPT TALKING BEFORE AND DURING THE HOWLS, thus unfortunately stepping on the vocalizations. We assumed our base camp was up the hill to our right! We initially thought “a person” made the first two howls. After the vocalizations occurred and we walked up the hill and it was at this point we realized the lights we had noticed were the interior lights of one of “our” trucks at basecamp (the children had gone inside the truck). The camp fire was not noticeable initially from our position down in the hollow because it was on the opposite of the trucks AND much too far away.

After reconvening back at basecamp, we set out in the direction of the howls with Don and some FLIRs. There was nothing but miles of dark wilderness. The coyotes came within yards of our position a few times throughout the night. It was finally around 3am that we called it an evening.

We are almost certain these initial howls were NOT made by a human. We were miles deep in the remote wilderness away from any person and we carefully searched the area. The initial howls got the coyotes riled up, which is typical.

Howls - Listen carefully to the first 2-3 howls!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

6-27-13 Barren County - Howl and Tree Knocks

City: Summer Shade

4-11-13 (initial recordings)

Time: 6:30pm

Chris (last name on file)

I met Chris at his uncle's property on 6-27-13 to investigate the location of these recordings. The area is a dense forest, home to a long history of nearby bigfoot encounters. Chris explained that on 4-11-13 he was checking the property just before turkey season and did not have his rifle with him at the time. He began hearing these strange knocks and got a real uneasy feeling. He took out his cell phone and began recording, capturing 3 tree knocks and a weird howl.

There is a cow pasture, however it is in the opposite direction from where the vocal was obtained. Many large deer are said to frequent the area and a large creek runs adjacent to the property. During our investigation I found Chris to be a very honest and sincere individual. This was the first time he had returned to the area since his recordings. Around 2:30 we did hear approximately 5 distant tree knocks in response to our knocks. A possible old print was observed and a stripped tree branch almost 10 foot high was noticed.

Howl (isolated)

Tree Knocks (isolated)

We had these clips analyzed by the hightly respected bigfoot sound expert, Monongahela.

Here is what he to say:

"I finally got a chance to work on those clips, and yes, they sound like the real deal. The knocks are excellent, but inconclusive on their own. However the accompanying vocals in his other clip are convincing, based on my experience. The "cow" like vocal he captured is a type of two-tone vocal
that I've heard from Minnesota to Georgia. I've actually recorded a similar vocal twice in southern Georgia.

But the clip with the vocal has more than just one. Earlier in the clip, at about the 30 second mark, there is a fainter vocal followed by a light wood knock. I've clipped the two vocals out and put them into the attached "study" for your perusal.

I've also filtered the two original clips for you to hear the knocks and vocals in their original context.

One other thing to note. During the knocks clip, just before the three loud knocks start, there's a "growl" type vocal. But it's hard to hear because the witness was walking in dry leaves just then.

Suggest to him in the future that when he hears something, he remain completely still and quiet, and wait a long time until all the vocals and knocks are complete."


- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

4-10-10 Allen County - "The Kentucky Vocalizations"

Website submission on 1/27/11

City: Scottsville


Time: Midnight

The late Billy Arndell (RIP) and The Scottsville Ghost Hunters

Phone Interview:

I had a two hour phone conversation with the witness Billy Arndell of The Scottsville Ghost Hunters. In my opinion, on April 10, 2010 he obtained the best sasquatch vocalizations to come out of Kentucky. It was midnight and his team was standing in the yard of an abandon house. A digital recorder had been left inside on a box by a window as the investigators were discussing their night's investigation. There were no windows in the house. They began hearing strange howls/moans off in the distance. The vocalizations started coming closer, sparking a few barking dogs. Billy said it seemed like it was approaching fairly rapidly. One of the members can be heard saying "that sounds like a bigfoot". They grabbed the rest of their gear and left promptly. Billy stated there's dense woods behind the house for at least for two miles, then some open fields, then more woods. Not knowing if he caught the vocalizations on his recorder, he was pleasantly surprised when he later reviewed the audio. He stated the vocalizations were much louder in person.

Although I knew right away these were sasquatch vocalizations, I wanted a sound expert, more specifically a "bigfoot sound expert" to review the audio file. Therefore I promptly sent the file over to my friend and fellow researcher, Mononga Hela. Mononga is a former U.S. Military Cryptologic Linguist who's specialty now is analyzing and documenting all bigfoot vocalizations. Over the past few years he has compiled a vast database of sasquatch sounds via the internet, friends and investigations. Here is what he had to say:

"I gave the file a good listen, then filtered it, and the listened to it again. Despite the overall quality of the recording, it is an astounding piece of evidence and ties together three different vocalization types that I've heard in numerous other possible sasquatch recordings. Among those three vocals are the low moan/howl, similar to the Ohio howl. Then a transition to more of a yell, which is frequently captured in Washington state, and finally an "aaahh" vocal which has been captured in many states (including your clip from Kentucky last October).

Here's a transcript of what I heard in the recording. First column is time in seconds into the recording. Second column you can ignore. Third column is my note:

3.552000000 0.256932 initial short howl
7.061333333 0.571164 whoop knock and transition to AAAHH vocal
8.682666666 0.358595 trailing verbalization
11.040000000 0.170055 foreground voices
13.354666666 0.456562 more verbalizations
15.360000000 0.377079 faint aaahh continues
21.557333333 0.155268 foreground voices
35.552000000 0.316081 dogs throughout
38.528000000 0.380776 ascending vocalization, obscured
51.904000000 0.360444 vocalization
55.968000000 0.332717 moaning howl
61.248000000 0.360444 moaning howl, obscured by voices
68.853333333 0.32902 howl climbs, breaks pitch
71.349333333 0.360444 takes on yell character
74.037333333 0.547135 aaahh start
74.506666666 0.375231 breaks to howl/yell
76.074666666 0.558226 breaks back to aaahh
78.741333333 0.36414 and breaks back to yell
80.405333333 0.473198 verbalization
81.642666666 0.597043 long descending aaahh, obscured
91.082666666 0.510166 aaahh trails off

Thanks a bunch for sharing this. It's a remarkable recording and based on the extensive audio base I have to compare it against, I wholly agree that its a sasquatch vocalization."

- Mononga Hela

Below are clips taken from the full version, and the full version. Headphones are recommended to really appreciate the full version. Use the transcript.

The Kentucky Vocalizations (howl)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (yell)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (shorter version)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (full version)

Here is the excellent analysis and explanation of this amazing recording!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead investigator

12-2-10 Anderson County

Recordings from Kentucky Bigfoot investigation.


Howl (possible coyote)

Moan (undetermined)

11-20-10 Bullitt County

Testimony from Kentucky Bigfoot investigation.

Wife's Visual Encounter (witness testimony)

Wife's Eyeshine Experience (witness testimony)

Husband's Eyeshine Experience
(witness testimony)

5-16-11 Another State

Received an email of an amazing encounter.

Listen To The Audio Clip

8-28-11 Private Research Area

After about 3 hours we obtained some excellent tree knocks. The knocks were less than 50 yards away. A 30 ft tall tree shaking from the same cedar thicket was noticed as well. The knocks only began after we made a single knock. Over a twenty minute period we communicated with what we strongly believe was a Sasquatch: sending and receiving almost a dozen knocks at various times. These knocks were received after we made a few whistles.


(i(isolated and amplified)

11-11-11 Filming For The History Channel

Raw audio clip from our squatching expedition with Larry The Cable Guy. Amplification of the return vocalizations is under way.


Howl (taken from the above audio)

Analysis - Frequency is low enough that it could be a dog, however dogs like to howl repeatedly, and throw a few barks in there too, but no other howls or barks where heard all night.

1-6-12 Howl

This is a response howl to a tree knock in Bullitt County.

Howl (amplified)

The audio has been enhanced. We were setting up game cameras in our research area and decided to do a tree knock. Thanks to Mononga Hela, perhaps the best bigfoot sound expert on the planet, for amplifying/cleaning it up. He also mentioned the second call is a "flat response howl". He has seen them from time to time in response to an initial howler. We were not aware of the second howl, until he brought it to our attention.


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