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Barren County Investigation - Jan 14, 2014

We hung our recorder in a tree about 30 yds from the campfire. Turn up the volume or use headhones.


Spencer County Witness -
August 4, 2014

A a family camping at the main campground heard multiple whoops throughout the evening while sitting around the campfire. After they retired to their tents around 2:00am a loud howl prompted the dad to walk outside the tent and scan the woods with a flashlight where he noticed green eyeshine. The eyeshine then stood up to approximately 9 foot tall, threw a rock which almost hit the father, then it turned and walked away. Read full report here.


Henry County Witness - September 27, 2013 (11:30pm)

Leanette fell asleep in her recliner and awoke to two golden, shiny eyes peering down on her from an adjacent window. After an investigation, “the eyes alone” looking in the window were approximately 8’ 1” high, about 11” apart and the of size silver dollars.

Soon after her dog began frantically barking in the backyard. From her upstairs window sees a large figure crouching down behind a bush. Read full report here.

Henry County Witness -
September 27, 2013 (11:45pm - less than a mile from Leanette's sighting)

Bruce had just pulled out of the driveway of a friend's house in his Ford F250 pick-up and proceeded down the road when he sees a deer standing next to the left side of the road. After hitting his brakes for fear the deer might jump in front of his vehicle, Bruce notices the deer looking behind his truck and that's when he glances in his rearview mirror and observes a long haired, brown, massive creature standing directly at the rear of his truck. Bruce could only see it's upper torso, just below the shoulders and above the waist. It had long/ thick matted hair and huge arms. Upon seeing the creature Bruce sped off, looking back a few seconds later only to see nothing. It was estimated at 6' 7" at the shoulders and about 52" wide. At the end of this interview we actually got a little nervous because we noticed two sets of eyeshine observing us from the treeline.
Read full report here.


Henry County Witness - October 2012

Eric and his wife observe a reddish-brown, bi-pedal, 8' tall creature cross the road in front of their vehicle near Lockport, Kentucky in October 2005. "It walked very fluently as it took only two steps to cross the road. It stepped once in the center of the road, then stepped off," explained Eric.The sighting occurred around 3:00am as their vehicle rounded a curve. The hair was noticeably longer on the bottom of the arms and on the head, draping down to the shoulders. As it stepped in the center of the road, it twisted its upper torso at the hips to look at the car. Eric recalls seeing whitish-blue eyeshine and a primate-like snout. Read full report here.

Bullitt County Witness - Fall 2012

Mary Jo and a friend were skipping rocks in a pond behind her home in Shepherdsville just before dusk when she notices a 7' 5" dark, hairy figure observing them from the tree line. It was grunting at first, but stopped when she looked in its direction. It was standing approximately 150' from her location. It had very broad shoulders "like a football player." It stood motionless on two leg with long arms dangling by its side. Upon seeing the creature, she alerted her friend and both girls fled inside the house. No obvious ears on top of the head, nor a protruding muzzle were noticed, combined with very broad shoulders and pointed head, help to distinguish it from a bear. Read full report here.

Bullitt County Witness - Fall 2011

Jason and a friend observed a huge, bi-pedal figure cross the road in front of their truck. Jason reiterated a few times that it was definitely not a person. The sighting occurred just after dusk during the Fall of 2011 on Clermont Rd (Hwy 245). Read full report here.

Spencer County, Indiana -
July 14, 2013

Josh and Jake had an encounter at their workplace. These two men are 6'5" and 6'3" and not small men, yet they were very shaken up over this event. We asked them specific questions regarding the legs which where described as very thick, black and bipedal. We also inquired about the face, but due to the lighting conditions no specific details regarding facial features (such as eye shine) were observed. It needs to be noted that the security guards at this facility have also experienced strange events on the grounds of this factory (several thousand acres) for many years now. This property is a protected wildlife area. It consists of thick woods, lakes, ponds and it overflows with deer and small game. Unfortunately we were not granted permission to the exact location to observe the dent on the guard house, take measurements, or search for footprints. We did conduct a brief investigation on July 16th around the perimeter of the property and heard an unidentifiable howl and a tree break. The howl was recorded and it will be posted soon.


County Witness -
July 2011

Dustin was practically run out the woods by a possible Squatch. His wonderful and experienced Coon dog was completely ruined from this incident and would never hunt again; in fact the man had to give the dog away. His girlfriend who was with him during this sighting is today his wife, backed his every word.



New Salisbury, Indiana - July 2011

Dave has been a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years, thus he is very familiar with human anatomy. The most interesting observations with this sighting were the creature's gait, snout and ears. It walked with a bent legs, not heal to toe, with a slight bounce, leaning forward. The snout was about 3-4 inches long with a wide, flat, dog-like nose. The ears were pointed, but instead on top of the head, ear placement were on the side of the head. This report does feature some similar characteristics to other witness testimony taken in Kentucky and around the world: a) It featured a noticeable protruding jaw, a condition known as "prognathism," a trait found in apes and in ancient human fossil skulls; b) it transitioned from bi-pedal motion (walking on two legs) to "quadrupedalism" (running on all fours); c) some witnesses have observed small pointed ears on the side of the head; d) and noticeable canines, although in this particular case the teeth were not observed.


Casey County Witness - October 1953

Dennis Wesley, along with a childhood friend, observe a bigfoot digging in the ground using 2 sticks as tools. One stick it reportedly pounded into the ground and turned over the dirt, using the stick for a spade. The large, dark haired creature then began to approach the children showing it's large, with human-like teeth. Described as having long, thick dark brown hair (lighter on the chest area which resembled a gray vest. It had dirty finger and toe nails. Sighting took place 1/2 mile from Green River. Read full report here. (Note: The month and his age are incorrect on the BFRO website. It was October and he was seven years old.)

Casey County Witnesses - Fall 1964

Wayne and Jerry Helm just finished working their evening shifts at the local drive-in. It was around midnight when they watched an 8 foot tall hairy creature emerge from a nearby creek. It had a huge head and wide shoulders.

Marion County Witness - October 1989

Read full report here.

Howl - 1/6/12

This is a response howl to a tree knock in Bullitt County.
We were setting up game cameras in our research area and decided to do a tree knock. Thanks to Mononga Hela, perhaps the best bigfoot sound expert on the planet, for amplifying it. He also mentioned the second call is a "flat response howl". He has seen them from time to time in response to an initial howler. We did NOT hear the second howl in person, until the audio was amplified.

Kentucky Bigfoot Exclusive Interview with "The Turtle Man" 11-24-11

Date: Winter of 1979

Location: Tick Creek

The next day after his encounter, he returned to the location and found many large branches broken at about eye level. The diameter of the branches were 2-3 inches. On one of the breaks a clump of long black hair was discovered. He presented us with the hair on 11-30-11. The hair was sent to Dr. Ketchum for analysis and came back "unidentified primate." Sequencing the DNA was unfortunately unsuccessful after 3 attempts.

Standing Stone State Park - 11-10-12

Possible Tree Structure



Photos of Shelters, Tree Structures and Footprints

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