Bigfoot Bolted Down My Driveway!

Witness: Eric (last name on file)

County: Edmonson

City: Bee Springs, Kentucky

Date of encounter: Summer of 1974

Time of encounter: Noon

Describe your encounter:

“It was a pretty warm summer’s day around July/August and I was inside my house in the living room watching TV. I just happened to get up and noticed some movement out the front living room window which I was right beside. I saw this huge unknown creature come running from the big woods across the road from my house (which is the Nolin Lake area) and run across the road and down our driveway headed towards the back of our house. My dad had his car parked in the driveway and as the creature passed the car I noticed the top of the car struck the creature at about its lower waistline. As it went out of view of the window and around the corner of the house, I immediately ran out the front door and to the corner of the house it had ran around. Don’t ask me why, I just did. I watched the creature from behind as it entered the cornfield behind our house and it continued to run towards the thick wood behind our property.

Sketch by Terry Thomas as directed by witness.

It was 7 foot tall or a little taller and my best guess at weight would be 375 to 400 pounds. It had a very stocky build and completely covered in long reddish-brown colored hair that was some 4 to 6 inches long. I remember the hair flowing or waving in the wind as the creature ran and it seemed like the hair glistened or reflected in the sunlight. The only parts of its body that had no hair was the palms of the hands, the bottom of its feet, and in facial area. I noticed that its eyes were large and dark. Its nose was flat, but the nostrils were downward facing, not completely flat like a gorilla's nostrils. It had a big wide mouth which was closed so I saw no teeth.

I did not smell any smell or odor as I got outside and watched the creature run away. I also noticed that it was extremely quiet as it ran (which was odd for such a huge thing and running so fast IMO). The only noise it made was as it entered the cornfield and it crashed its way through the cornstalks, making a big path as it barged through.

We lived in the country and we had an old TV with a rabbit ear antenna on top and we only got 2 or 3 channels. So what I’m saying is I did not know what a Bigfoot was, so I had no idea what I had seen until years later when I saw a Bigfoot TV show. Years later in my 20’s I had another possible Bigfoot related incident near Brownsville. I was driving my car with some friends and we were nearing Brownsville near Mammoth Cave area. One of my friends said he had to pee real bad so we pulled over on the small country road so he could get out. My headlights hit the trees ahead and all of a sudden one of the shorter trees turned and walked away. I ask my friend if he still wanted to get out and pee, and he said NO. We left immediately.”

Follow Up:

I spoke to this witness over the phone. He was very excited to share this story with me. He has tried to tell many people over the years but was often not believed. He recently was searching online and looked up Bigfoot in Kentucky and found our site. He was so happy and relieved to find others who believe what he saw.

The witness is now 49 years old. I found him to be intelligent and very well spoken. His description of the creature and the event was very clear and concise. He attributed such a good memory of the event because it had made such an impact on him from that day until now.

At the time of his sighting he no knowledge of Bigfoot,, so he was totally lost when he saw this “monster” or “thing.” He also does not know why he ran outside to get a better view of this strange creature except for the fact that as a country boy he was used to being in the woods, or outside, and his curiosity just took over.

He has recently moved back into this very house where the event took place. The witness has also agreed to meet me for an audio/video recording of his incident as soon as possible.

I completely believe that this man had a childhood experience of witnessing a Bigfoot as it ran from one large tract of woods in the Nolin Lake area, into another huge woods behind his house. I believe this only happened at noon, in broad daylight, because some event caused this creature to have to suddenly relocate to a safer place. Maybe hunters, hikers or campers? Who knows for sure, but I believe this man saw a Bigfoot as it came running across the road and down his driveway.

- Don Neal, Investigator

Upright Creature Crosses I-65

Witness: Paul (last name on file)

City: Park City

County: Edmonson

Date: Early Spring 1998

Time: 3:55 AM

Number of witnesses: 2

Describe your encounter:

“I used to work in Louisville and traveled every day via I-65 to work, leaving the farm at 3:45 AM central. Entered I-65 at Park City, Exit 48. Entered interstate, semi changed lanes to let me merge and a large, stooped, but upright figure walked across the 2 lanes of the interstate. Both semi and I in my pickup truck braked hard (semi locked his up). Figure did not seem aware or concerned that we were braking this hard and continued across the interstate, crossing from left to right, walked into the grass and brush on the south side of the road and disappeared out of our headlights. No other traffic on the interstate at this time and semi driver and I looked at each other as if to say "wth?!" The encounter was so strong that it remains with me to this day."

Not actual photo. Just the location.

Follow-up: 1-22-2016

The witness was one of the first organic farmers in Kentucky. Paul is in his 60’s, retired, college-educated, well-spoken and logical. With the exception of his wife, he has never shared his encounter until now. Her initially reply was, “No way, it must have been a person or a hiker.” Paul was excited to learn there was a place he could report his encounter.

It was pre-dawn, meaning there was a little smidgen of daylight. As he was merging onto I-65 heading north, a semi truck moved over to the left lane to allow him on. It was right after the merge that both trucks came to a complete stop. Paul wasn’t going full speed yet, so he didn’t have to slam on his breaks. Both vehicles decelerated quickly with the semi locking up his brakes at the very end. The upright creature was in the left lane crossing swiftly to the right lane. It was in their headlights only 35-50 feet directly in front of the men. It never turned to look at them. He estimated it at 6 foot plus, very dark in color with brownish-black hair. The hair kind of reminded him of the fleece on the Corriedale sheep which he raised on his farm. The overall shape looked similar to a ghillie suit, it was bulky, but not fat. “I could not make out details of the face, but there was a face. The skin was a deep, deep dark brown, similar to a person who worked outside in the sun all their lives,” explained Paul. It ran with very long strides and its posture was slightly stooped forward. Its arms swung low by its side. After it vanished into the darkness, he looked over at the truck driver who sitting up in his seat and the truck driver looked over at him, dumb-founded expression on his face. After they drove away, Paul kept saying to himself, “Oh my God, what did I just see?”

Paul thanked me for the opportunity to share his story. He informed me that he was a former skeptic prior to this sighting. He assumed people were just making up stories about encounters. Now he feels totally different.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Camper Attack

Brent (last name on file) and daughter.

August 16, 2015

Mammoth Cave National Park

Describe your encounter:

"My daughter wanted to go camping, hiking, fishing and mountain biking before returning to school for the year. The date is August 16, 2015. I have the habit of setting up audio prior to going to bed. I have spent many nights in this campground with relatively no activity. However the trails and area in general have accumulated a descent amount of activity over the years. We were the only people in the campground this evening and we slept in our popup camper.

During the evening, after being awakened from the various noises outside, I unzipped the window and scanned with my thermal. At one point I even walked outside and scanned but nothing was noticed. A few times I even drew my weapon when something hit the camper and during the scratching at the door.

The activity began at 0059AM when something stepped on the entryway step to our camper. The weight was significant and shook the whole camper. Reenactment confirms the associated thud was indeed the step. Numerous knocks, repeated slaps to the camper, something pulled at the velcro around the door of the camper (approximately 4 feet up, I yelled at it), and stomps on the step were recorded and felt throughout the night. There were also many and different and strange vocalizations experienced. Some sounded possibly feline; others were possible sasquatch with some close growls/howls and extended distant screams. This activity continued until approximately 0630AM."

Below is a condensed clip of some of the audio highlights from the evening of August 16 through morning August 17.

Audio Clip (headphones help)

Follow-up: 8-17-2015

I'm good friends with the witness. He is a well-respected BFRO investigator, highly intelligent and rational. This area has been very active with Bigfoot interactions. After listening to the audio, we do believe the moans were feline in nature.

- Charlie Raymnond, Lead Investigator

Another Big Mo Sighting?

Sighting Date: 10-21-14

Sighting Time: 8:43pm

Exact location: Undisclosed due to ongoing investigation.

Witnesses: Undisclosed due to ongoing investigation.


On 10-22-14 at 5:15pm, we met the witnesses at their home. We found them very sincere and credible.

The witnesses were driving home, only a few hundred yards from their home, when they observed a 9-10 foot tall, bipedal, “massive,” hairy creature cross the road. It was travelling from left to right at a high rate of speed, approximately 50 yards in from of the truck. It took maybe two stride to clear the two-lane road. There was a security light on a nearby trailer which backlite the creature. One of the witnesses has been an avid hunter his entire life and he is 100% confident this was indeed a bigfoot, not a deer, not a bear, and not a person. Too say it mildly, he was very excited each and every time he recounted his story with us numerous times throughout the evening. The second, younger witness was really shaken up over the encounter.

The most significant behavior the witnesses noticed was how it walked “leaning forward” (bent over) and “twisted at the hip” with each stride as it walked. It was dark in color with short, shiny hair. It was absolutely huge and quick with broad shoulders. The sighting only lasted a few seconds. It never looked towards the truck.

Nolin Lake is only a few hundred yards from this sighting. Dense woods, thick underbrush and deep hollows surround both sides of the road where the creature crossed. A possible old print was found back in the woods, but it was too deteriorated to cast or even photograph. At the sighting location, thick grass was on one side of the road and paved shell rock on the other side, thus not ideal for leaving tracks.

The family has experienced many strange events over the past month. They’ve received return tree knocks, heard strange howls, growls emanating from the woods towards their dogs, a possible gifting scenario, and items in their yard have been mysteriously displaced. Another family member had two sightings about 30 years ago only 10 mins away and one in Mammoth Cave Park. We are looking forward to interviewing him.

We are planning future investigations at this location.

It crossed the road from left to right, just past the telephone pole.

- Charlie Raymond and Don Neal, Lead Investigators

Fisherman Has Daylight Sighting

Date: 2-28-14

Time: 3:00PM

Location: Green River in Mammoth Cave

Witness: Robert (last name on file)

I received a call on 3-1-14 from the witness. Robert (48 yrs old) and two buddies (Richard and Brandon) were musky fishing in a boat on the Green River yesterday, about 4 miles downriver from the Green River Ferry crossing. It was a very clear, sunny day. They were fishing in Turnhole Spring on the south side of the river. Robert had just made a cast out into the river and was watching the end of his rod when he noticed a bigfoot step out from behind a tree. It took one big step out into a clearing, directly in front of a large thicket of cane trees. Robert watched it for about 20 seconds. When he first noticed it, he said he was speechless. He actually put his pole down, removed his sunglasses and put on his prescription glasses. By the time he began to utter the words, “Bigfoot! There’s a Bigfoot!”, the boat had twisted around from the current. He pointed in the direction of the creature but it was no longer visible, so unfortunately his buddies did not see it.

Robert explained, “It just stood there with its arms by its side. It had long black hair with hints of brown. It was about 7-7.5 feet tall and the shoulders were about 3 feet wide. It had a large head with no neck--it looked like the shape of someone wearing a Carhartt jacket with the hood up!” The hair was the same length across the entire body, maybe 6” in length. Robert approximated his distance from the creature at about 75 yards, so he could not see the details of its face, although the face looked to be the same color as the hair.

The three men maneuvered their boat over to the location of where the creature was spotted and got out to look for footprints. Unfortunately the ground was covered with leaves and moss. Robert explained, “All three of us had boots on, but the ground was so spongy, you couldn’t even tell where we walked. We took a picture of what looked like a partial heal print, but it’s a cheap cell phone and it didn’t come out well.” The men did notice a path of broken cane trees which were snapped off where it might have walked.

Robert ended his conversation, “I was never a big believer in bigfoot, but I sure the hell am now! And I’ll tell you this, there’s definitely at least one bigfoot in the Mammoth Cave area!”

Unfortunately this spot is only accessible by boat and due to the ice storm about to hit tomorrow, we are not able to travel to the location and look further for more evidence.

Additional info: This past July 2013 between 1-3am, Robert and Richard were fishing for flathead, about 10 miles further north on the Green River. Richard heard two tree knocks come from the ridge behind them. Then both men smelled a very pungent odor, Robert explained the smell as “It was like a wet, musky, sour saddle blanket from a sweaty horse that had been run all day.”

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Girl Scout Incident

Date: 7-7-13

Mammoth Cave National Park

Witnesses: 18

The KBRO (Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization) was asked by Troops 1554 and 2664 (from Delaware, OH) to guide them on a bigfoot hunt while visiting Kentucky. We met them for dinner first at the Watermill restaurant where we gave a presentation on bigfoot.

Around 10:00pm, we led a group of giddy and inquisitive girls, along with their skeptical mothers into the darkness. I have to be honest, my expectations were very low. Guided only a few red headlamps we hiked along the boardwalk. I let the girls take turns making tree knocks and howls. We had a great time, laughing and just plain being silly—a tactic used to spark a bigfoot’s curiosity. Astonishingly it worked!!! After about 45mins I asked one of the girls to make ten rapid tree knocks (I called these distress knocks). Almost immediately we received a return tree knock, together with a whistle from the opposite side of the pond, a spot where we had walked earlier! Some of the girls were reluctant to walk around the pond with me to check it out, but I reassured them it would be ok. Once we reached the spot where we thought the knock and whistle came from, it wasn't but a few minutes later when something VERY, VERY, VERY large jumped on the boardwalk behind us!!! It scared the livin’ daylights out of all of us!!! Most everyone screamed. Fearing for their safety, I pointed a flashlight in its direction (we never turn on flashlights while we squatch, unless there is an emergency), however due to the winding boardwalk and dense trees we couldn't see what made the sound. After promptly retreating to the parking lot, we nervously discussed what just happened. I explained that bear and other animals typically don't tree knock, whistle and would probably not jump on the boardwalk like that. Although bigfoots have been known to exhibit all of these behaviors. I believe a curious bigfoot came to the area to see what all the fuss was about, whistled and knocked in response to the ten rapid knocks, and then finally got sick of our foolishness and jumped on the boardwalk to intimated us, as in a bluff charge. We went back early that next morning, but did not find a downed-tree, large log, rock or even footprints. I jumped on the boardwalk with my boots to try and replicate that enormous thud and I didn't even do the sound justice!!! I weigh 250lbs and what we heard had to be easily multiple time my weight! The troop leaders told me they couldn't stop talking about it all the way back home to Ohio. It was definitely the highlight of their trip.

Last minute instructions before we ventured out.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

"Big Mo" AKA "The Midnight Whistler"

Witness: Robert (last name of file)

Estimated date: July 2005

Estimated time: Around 4:00 A.M.

What city, or nearest city? Brownsville

Length of time the encounter lasted: Ten to twenty seconds

How many witnesses? Two

Please describe your encounter:

"A friend and I were coming home from work, taking the back roads of a region called Mohawk. At the time, we worked at a factory, on second shift. So we got off at 3:30 in the morning, we were traveling down a large hill we had just ascended and at the bottom of said hill was a small bridge that crosses a bend in a narrow creek. As soon as my car had leveled out at the bottom of the hill, my high beams caught the Sasquatch as it crossed the road. It was tall, maybe around seven to eight feet, covered in brown and grayish fur. Its limbs were elongated and ropey, like an apes and it walked with the stride of one, its palms turned inward. It crossed the road in nearly two strides and descended down into the creek bed, it only turned its head towards us as we approached, but never stopped. Once it left the arc of my highbeams, we totally lost sight of it in the night. I didn't stop to get a second look. At first, I didnt believe I had seen what I did. My mind tried to rationalize it, until I turned to my freind and saw the horrific look on his face and the way he paniced. Soon after that, we discovered that other people had seen it in that area, it was so frequent that local people had developed a nick name for the creature Big Mo."

Describe the creature with detail:

" Very tall, Muscular, ropey and elongated limbs, covered in straight brown and gray fur."

Follow-up: 9-5-10

Spoke to both witnesses Robert, the driver, and Ricky, the passenger. Initially I had left a message for Robert to call me and he did. After his interview I asked him if he would please have Ricky call me, and in about an hour Ricky called me as well. Both witnesses seemed very sincere and credible. They mentioned that they "know what we saw" and because it was a fact, they didn't mind if their story was shared online. One of them has since purchased a gun and the other won't dare venture back to the location.

Witness # 1 (Robert)

Around 3:00 or 4:00 am they were driving home from work (in Bowling Green) on a country road in the Mohawk area (Mohawk Street). The car had just come down off a hill and as they came around a curve, and just across a bridge, the high beams hit this 7 foot tall, hairy creature crossing the road. It was approximately 15 feet or so from the car and it took only 2 steps to cross the road. The road is about 1 1/2 lanes wide. It was completely covered in dirty, brown-grey fur. It's knees and knuckles where turned inward. Its arms and legs were very long. Although powerfully built, it appeared more on the slender side, with elongated-limbs. The head was oval-shaped at the top, almost like a football on its end. It only turned its head towards the car for a second and its face was mostly covered with hair. Not much detail was noticed as it happen so quickly, but Robert thinks it had a greenish-yellow eye-shine. As they approached the spot where it went into the woods, Robert actually sped the car up and got out of there as quick as he could! They didn't stop and look. The next day, as they told their story, one of the locals said "oh, you saw Big Moe". Apparently many have had an encounter with Big Moe, including a tow truck driver, a nurse and a childhood friend. The childhood friend had told Robert that when he was a young boy fishing with his dad, his dad came up behind him and placed his hand over his mouth and pointed to the bank across the creek. A very large, hairy creature was walking thru the brush, pushing limbs out of its way with its forearms. The father and son quickly got out of there!

Witness # 2 (Ricky)

Ricky did not have as much detail as Robert. Ricky thought they both were returning late from a friend's house rather than work. He did also stress that it only took 2 steps to cross the road. He also stated it was at least 7 foot tall, covered in long, shaggy hair and walked like a man. Although, Ricky said its fur looked more "dirty" white/grey in color and he estimated it more like 30 feet in front of the car. He did not notice it turn its head and look at them because he could only see it from the shoulder's down. He agreed that Robert sped the car up and didn't stop to see where it went.

Investigation: 9-5-10

Around 1:00pm on a cool, sunny day, we drove to the exact location. In Brownsville, take Oak Hill Church Rd off of Main St to Mohawk St. Once on Mohawk Rd, we drove down a long, hilly country road to the second bridge. The forest in this region is very dense with many deep hollows. The Green River is only a stone's throw away. Plenty of deer tracks and groups of wild turkey were noted, indicating possible food sources. Upon arrival, we measured the width of the road and took photos of us taking large strides across the road. Being 6' tall myself, it took me 5 large strides, opposed to the 2 strides both witnesses said the creature took. Afterwards we spent the afternoon zigzagging our way along this creek towards the Green River. A few questionable tree formations caught our attention, but nothing definitive. While it was a beautiful hike, we basically struck out as far as evidence goes. I hope to receive some fresh reports from future witnesses so we can respond immediately. While many reports over the years actually warranted a name for this creature, a more recent sighting will help us pinpoint its current location and hopefully find some evidence.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Screams heard around dusk near the Diamond Caverns.

Source: BFRO

Mammoth Cave Park Employee Encounter

EARLY 1990's

This story comes to us from a long time friend who recalled a story told by his father about when he worked for The National Park Service at Mammoth Cave National Park. It took place in midsummer around 10:00 or 11:00 o'clock at night. The park at the time was in the process of building new board walks on some of the more traveled walking trails in the area. When his father received a call that there was a problem with the lights at one of the job sites. He arrived at the head of the trail and started down to the site on his four wheeler, when he saw a large hairy creature down on what he thought to be all fours walking. Fearing that he may have ran into a bear he began to slow down, when the creature raised up on two legs standing somewhere around 8 foot mark looked at him on the four wheeler and turned and ran into the darkness on two legs. He followed by saying that the reason he had thought the creature was down on all fours is that when he drove up was that it had been laying its head over on a rock or stump as if to just taking a rest.

Footnote: This account was brought to us by a friend, we spoke with the witness and he verified the account. We believe this account to be true. The witness also told us he could not have revealed the encounter if he was still employed with the National Park Service.

Source: BFRO

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