Bigfoot Likes Heavy Metal?

Witness: B.B. (full name on file)

Date:  May 2021

Time: Dusk

City:  Anton

Nearest road:  Hwy 70


"I had been out driving the small gravel country roads just listening to my loud music and clearing my head. I came to a spot in the road that is very wide and has room to pull off to the side of the road, so I stopped, kept my motor running, music blaring, and my new very bright LED headlights turned on. I stepped out and walked towards the front of my car and lit a cigarette. I immediately became aware that there was a tall figure standing not 25 to 30 feet away from me on the opposite side of the small gravel road right at the tree line. At first I thought it was a hunter in a Ghillie suit, but then immediately I knew it was something else, something like I had never seen before. The creature was 7 to 8 feet tall and was standing at the wood-line facing towards me, as if it was going to cross the road before I stopped and caught it flat footed by surprise.  What I did next I can only explain as fear and uncertainty of exactly what to do, but because I was caught near the front of my car, no more than 25 to 30 feet away, and facing me. I somehow felt that if I ran or acted too afraid, I would entice it to chase me, so I simply (and unexplainably) began to just smoke my cigarette and speak to it calmly and slowly. I said, “ Hello friend. Hello big fella, I mean you no harm. Just take it easy, I’m going to leave in a moment.” During this time (somewhere around 4 to 5 minutes) it simply stood there and listened to me as if it was interested in what I was saying. It would occasionally move its head and blink its eyes, which at times reflected a “yellowish color” when it looked at my headlights. Also as I talked to it, it would at times exhale loudly, and make soft grunting noises. Then, when I somehow felt the time was right, I slowly backed to my car door and got inside my vehicle. Only then did the creature turn around and slowly walk back into the woods in the direction it had come from. It seemed to turn and look back a couple of times as if to see where I was as it was leaving. Soon it was into the deep woods and out of sight, so I drove away and went straight home to tell my mom what had just happened. I had a plain view of it from head to mid groin area. I estimated it to be at least 7 to 8 foot tall. It was covered in reddish-brown hair all over except for some of the facial area, and it seemed to be missing some hair on its chest, as if it had been injured or had been in a fight (for some reason I seemed to get that impression). It wasn’t fat, but it looked well fed, kind of stout and a little heavyset is how I would describe its body shape. I swear it had an Amish-looking beard. Its eyes were a very dark brown, almost black, but at times its eyes reflected a yellowish tint when it looked towards my headlights. Its face looked just like a caveman, maybe a Neanderthal. It had a huge hooded nose like a human, its nostrils were also very big. Its mouth was gigantic. Although its mouth stayed closed the whole time, it was plain to see his mouth went from one side to the other. I bet he could swallow a whole loaf of bread with ease, that’s how big his mouth looked.

Follow-Up Report:

I spoke to this young man on Saturday night (10/23/2021) around 7:30 PM. He was so excited and relieved to share his experience with someone who believed him. I know the exact area where this young man had this incident. I have Squatched there on several occasions with results (sounds, wood knocks, etc). In fact this very location was the same place where my wife became a believer after hearing a series of loud tree knocks in response to my own knocks late one night. This area is a thickly wooded, abandoned coal mines area with only small gravel and dirt road access. I have another sighting report from less than 2 miles from this sighting location and around 4 reports within a 5-mile radius of this young man’s sighting. All of this was unknown to this young man who was not a firm believer in Bigfoot, but had watched some Bigfoot TV shows at times, so as he said, this was the only reason he even knew what it could possibly be. This young witness went back to the sighting location and got pictures of some possible footprints that he is going to share with me. We have agreed to meet very soon at the exact spot and go over his encounter again and I can hopefully take some pics of the exact spot where the creature stood. I sincerely believe this young man had a very strange encounter, especially since he had his radio blaring heavy rock music and had his extremely bright new LED headlights on at the same time and came to a stop in the exact spot where this creature was about to cross the road. Also the length of this sighting is very rare (the witness guessed it at about 5 minutes) as he explained, he finished the cigarette and wasn’t exactly sure what to do next, so he was slowly cautious.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Bigfoot Found Laying In Road

Witness: Teresa (last name on file)

Estimated date: Fall of the year in the late 90’s

Estimated time: About 5:00 am

Nearest city: Madisonville (exact spot on file)

Nearest road: Hwy 85

Length of encounter: 30 seconds to a minute

How many witnesses: 1

Sketch by Terry Thomas - THIS IS NOT A PHOTO

Describe your encounter:

“I was driving to work in Madisonville, KY on a very foggy, cold, wet fall morning, back in the late 90’s. The time was about 5:00 am and I had been awake for some time and I was very alert and clear headed. The fog was so thick you could barely see the lines on the road. I was driving extremely slow. I had a small Plymouth Horizon which was a very quiet car and made little noise (I think this was very important in my encounter).

All of a sudden ahead of me I saw something very large just lying in the middle of the road, almost at the very center line of the road. I was so glad to have been already been going slow because as huge as this thing was my small car would not have had much of a chance had I struck it. My first thought was of a large dog lying in the road. But then immediately I knew it was way too big to be any kind of dog I had ever seen. I coasted to a smooth stop right in front of this “thing.” Something inside me told me to (stay in the car, don’t get out). It was lying with its back to me in a fetal position right on the center line of this small 2 lane road, and yet it was so big that I could not have driven my car around it on either side of the road. As I looked at it trying to figure out what this “thing” was, I flashed my lights on to high beams and it began to move.

What it did next amazed me. It did not put its arms or hands down to lift its enormous size, it did not roll over to get up, but in a smooth, fluid motion it just started to raise upright from a complete lying position to a standing position. This struck me as very amazing for its huge bulky size. Now it was standing up but its back was still to me and it was standing in a “hunched over” kind of stance, not fully erect. Its arms were very long. All of a sudden it swung its arms way out in an unusual extended fashion, one way out in front, the other way out in back and began to turn its whole upper torso towards me, but it never did fully turn completely to me. I think it didn’t want to look into my bright head lights. I never saw its face.

Then with that same extreme arm swing it left the road, headed to my Left, or driver’s side, into some woods right beside the roadway. It actually disappeared into the fog before I can say it disappeared into the woods, but the woods are where it was headed and it didn’t take but a few steps for it to be out of sight.”

Describe the creature in detail:

“It was not a solid color but it seemed to be a Blackish/Brown color very much like tree bark. My thought was how much it looked like a tree, or could blend in with a tree trunk. Also its hair was not all one uniform length but had many different lengths about its body. The hair was very messy, shaggy and very dirty with debris entangled in it (maybe sticks, dirt, leaves, etc.). I am still so amazed at how big and bulky this thing was. I have a son-in-law who is 6’6” and this thing was taller and much bigger than him. I would guess that this creature was 7 feet tall and that is accounting for it was hunched over, not standing fully erect. I did not see its face.”

Any additional info:

“I had NEVER believed in Bigfoot and thought that anyone who did was crazy. My brother once told me that he saw a Bigfoot years earlier in the county where we live, which is only 8 to 10 miles away from this sighting location. After my experience I now believe him. What I do know is this, it was NOT any known animal to me, and it certainly was NOT a Bear. I KNOW THAT I SAW A BIGFOOT, and I wasn’t looking for one.”

Follow-Up: 1-21-14

I spoke to Teresa on the phone on Tuesday night, 1/21/14. I found that she lives only 4 miles from my house. As we talked we realized that we both know each other from being out in our communities shopping or attending the same functions in our local areas. I also knew her father very well and even worked with him at one time. She is a very sincere Christian woman who related her story to me with absolute clarity and with a very vivid memory.

As she said to me, “you never forget this once you see it.” Even though she continued to work at the same place long after this sighting she NEVER AGAIN traveled this road to work. She went another way to and from work after this experience. She is adamant about the fact that she saw a Bigfoot and nothing else. She went from being a non-believer and a skeptic, to believing 100% in Bigfoot, all within this 30 to 60 second encounter.

When asked, she related that she heard NO sounds from this creature and smelled no unusual odors or strong smells (her windows were closed). The one single thing that was impressed into her memory the most of all was how this creature went from a lying position to a standing position so fluidly and smoothly. She still can’t get over that.

Only recently did she once again travel this road (within the last few months) and decided she wanted to share her story after all this time. She is not going to start traveling this road again on a regular basis, but had to drive by there one more time. She related to me that the entire memory and awe of that moment came back to her as clear as when it happened.

I believe her story completely and think this lady actually had a very close, unusual encounter with a living breathing Sasquatch in Hopkins County, KY.

Here are some related encounters involving a Bigfoot laying in the road. Other witnesses claimed to of seen a Bigfoot stand up from a laying or sitting position without the use of its arms:

BFRO report of witnesses coming upon TWO Bigfoots lying in the middle of the road. It also mentions how quick the one creature sprang up from its lying down position.

BFRO report of a Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road, then laying down in front of the approaching car.

Oregon-Bigfoot story of a car coming upon a Bigfoot sitting in the middle of the road.

Oregon-Bigfoot report where a truck driver comes upon a Bigfoot lying in the center of the road. Read his description of it....“in a fetal position, lying with its back to him.”

Weird-USA reports someone coming across a Bigfoot lying in the road.

• Cliff Barackman’s follow-up conducted by Charlie Raymond involved a man named Jeremy who saw a similar Bigfoot curled up in the middle of the road. It occurred on July 14, 2016 at 3:00 am in California between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch, near Highway 299.

• The classic 1924 Albert Ostman’s story where he describes how Sasquatches would stand up without the use of their arms.

- Don Neal, Lead Investigator

Beast of Mortons Gap

Witness: P.N. (full name on file)

County: Hopkins

City: Mortons Gap

Date: 6-9-2016

Time: 9:00 am

Nearest Road: Pennyrile Parkway (exact location on file)

Length of Time: 10 seconds

Number of Witnesses: 2 adults present but only I saw it briefly.

Don Neal standing where the creature stood. It was estimated at 7 feet tall.

Describe Your Encounter:

My husband goes Squatching quite often and is a Bigfoot fanatic, and he had been to a location a few nights before that offered some awesome activity, so we decided to go back to that spot during the daytime to get a better view of the surrounding area and maybe see some signs or find evidence. After spending about an hour at the location of his previous night-time activity we were leaving the area, which is very remote and offers small gravel and sometimes only dirt roads, and all of a sudden we had a small deer standing in the road directly in front of us. This road has deep thick woods on both sides and the tree tops grow over the road which makes it almost look like a tunnel, so even at 9:00 am in the morning it is very dark on this stretch of road.

As my husband comes to a complete stop to not run over the deer, which is now leaving the right side of the road, or on my side (passengers side) I see movement ahead on the left side of the road. This creature rises up from a squatting position and starts walking into the woods on the left side of the road. I yell at my husband to go forward, quickly. He pulls forward about 60 feet and I jump out of the truck as it is still moving (we were not going fast) and I run around the front of the truck to the side of the road the creature is now crashing through and running away. My husband and I both hear it crashing through the woods as he (my husband) is exiting the truck.

My husband was thinking that I saw another deer and only then did I say, ”I just saw a Bigfoot!” He was stunned. We both stood there silently for at least 20 minutes never moving or speaking, just waiting and listening. Nothing else was heard. We stayed for over an hour looking for signs. Looking at the place where I saw the creature stand up, and trying to guess at a height, We came to a conclusion of 7 foot. I know what I saw. It was NOT a Bear. It was unbelievably fast especially for its huge size.

Describe the creature with detail:

When it fully stood up it was around 7 feet tall. Huge chest. Completely covered all over in a 4 or 5 inch Brown hair with a Reddish tint to it. The creature was facing the “Left” side of the road and towards the woods. I only saw a side profile. No ears were noticed and I believe it was because of the long hair. We did not notice any foul odor or smell. We both heard it crashing through the woods like a bulldozer as it ran off quicker than you could imagine.

Any further details?

I somehow believe the Bigfoot being present is why the young deer was standing in the middle of this small gravel road and almost didn’t move even as we approached it in our truck. It only moved when we came to a complete stop. It acted disoriented.


I quickly acted on this report and was on the scene immediately. This area is a Bigfoot sighting location with at least 4 other Bigfoot incidents being reported over the last few years. There are also other Bigfoot reports and stories from this area over the last 50 years or so. It is remote and has large tracts of wooded areas with abounding ponds, lakes, streams, and a small river within its boundaries.

The spot where the witness saw the Bigfoot stand up was just off the side of the road in some tall grass and weeds which were at my knee level, to waist level. The ground immediately slopes downward in a steep incline, dropping almost 15 feet into a ditch-line, which had standing water in it estimated around a foot deep maybe a little more.

The creature apparently went down the slope, up the other side (another 15 foot incline) and was crashing through the deep woods by the time the husband drove forward 60 feet, stopped the truck, and jumped out, thinking he was going to see another deer. As soon as the wife said (I just saw a Bigfoot) the woods went silent and the couple stood there several minutes remaining motionless and silent, but there was no further sounds.

The husband (a Bigfoot enthusiast) believes the creature had stopped moving and was somewhere in the woods being still and staying unseen. He believes this simply because the creature was gone so fast. He felt they should have been able to have seen it moving away through the woods. This is his opinion, not a certainty.

I totally believe this witness saw a Bigfoot crouching beside the road and it is possible it was stalking or at least observing the deer, which the witness said seemed lost or disoriented (in her opinion) Upon the truck arriving the creature stood up and instantly moved downward entering the ditch-line and made a quick getaway through these thick woods.

No obvious tracks were discovered.

Here is a video describing the encounter:

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator



Daytime Sighting Near Highway

Witness: Amanda (full name on file)

Date: September, 2012

Time: 4:40 PM

County: Hopkins

City: Madisonville

Location: Hwy 2171 (Hubert Reed Road)

Length of time the encounter lasted:
4 minutes

Number of witnesses: 1

Actual witness describing the encounter.

Describe your encounter:

“I had picked up my child from daycare and was driving home. I had just exited the Pennyrile Parkway and was driving on Hwy 2171 when I saw an unusually tall black figure standing a little ways down the road and on the side of the road right beside a road sign. My very first thought was that this figure was working on the sign along the side of the road because its head was up as high as the sign itself. I then immediately realized that this figure was all one solid Black color from head to toe, and that it was not standing on anything to work on the sign but it was actually just standing there. This filled me with fear and I felt goose bumps all over.

My next thought was that I had my baby in the car seat in the back and my motherly instinct kicked in that I needed to protect my baby. So I knew that immediately to my left was a smaller road that can be used as a shortcut to get near my home, but I very seldom used it because it is a narrow, winding, hilly road, so I stay on the more wider and straight road, but not this time.

Now as I was making this sharp left hand turn to go onto the small shortcut road I did something very unusual myself. I just stopped in the middle of the road. I wanted to see this “thing” better. I was filled with curiosity and wonder, yet I kept having this strong “feeling” that I did not need to go towards this figure standing down there by that sign.

So here I sit in the middle of the road, in a half turn, and staring at this creature. It was in a frozen stance like in a mid-stride of a very long step forward. Its arms were very long and its hands hung down to its knees or even lower. One arm was stretched forward, and the other was swung backwards, yet it remained completely still as if it could not be seen.

After about a minute or 2 it came to me that I was sitting in the middle of the road and so I instantly drove forward to get off the main road and onto the side road. I then thought that maybe I could see the creature from a different viewpoint as this smaller road would take me kind of behind the creature’s location but when I looked back, it was already gone. I presume it crossed the road at that time.

Describe the creature: Extremely tall, very wide bodied, very long arms. A solid uniform black color all over.

Any additional info: I have now found out that this area has had other Bigfoot sightings and reports from the last several years.

Follow-Up Report:

This young lady is about 26 years old and has been a member of the church where I Pastor for the last 16 years. She has a very job that requires a good intellect and a sharp quick mind, and is a very educated and level headed person.

She holds many positions in our church and is a great organizer and planner. I mention all of this to point out that she is very observant and precise as is her daily manner and character.

I believe every word this young lady shared and I absolutely believe that she came upon a Bigfoot trying to cross the road at that very moment.

Her observations that it froze in mid-stride (which I have heard in countless reports) that she noticed extremely long arms and hands down to the knees. The uniform color all over the body. The very tall height. She also added that when it first turned and looked in her direction, and right before it went into the frozen stance, it had turned at the waist, not the neck. All these small details leads me to believe this encounter was with a Bigfoot.

There are at least 6 other reports of Bigfoot activity in a 3 mile radius of this very spot. Many within the last 6 years. Also we (KBRO) have received a report not yet investigated, of a possible baby Bigfoot playing in a nearby woods not a ½ mile from this very site.

- Don Neal, Lead Investigator


Website submission on 1-10-11

Your first name: Tommie Hill

Estimated date? January 9th

Estimated time? 630 to 700

What city, or nearest city? Mortans Gap

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 mins

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

Me and my brother were in white city where theres a natural water way to look for arrowheads that may have washed up while the water was at its lowest. upon arriving we made our way to the water side with flash lights, something across the water was moving through the woods, less than 2 mins we heard a loud thud like something hit the ground, we concluded it was a deer traveling through woods because you could hear something walking, when we shined our lights the steps stopped, bout every 2 to 5 mins a loud thud sound was made with the sound of a little ice breaking, still telling ourselves its a deer we thought it was strange that it followed us down the river with very loud crashing noise being made every few mins, both of us after a while decided to head back and with our lights on the river a large rock was launched into middle of the river and we ran to our truck you tell me please what can throw a large rock that i probably couldnt throw 10 feet into middle of the river."

Describe the creature with detail: "By the sounds it was large not small and apparently some strength to throw a large rock in middle of river, nobody was there but us, and i know large rocks dont fall from trees."

Additional Info: "Crashing sounds of ice breaking, we had been in woods all day and no tree limbs hit the ground or were fallen and you could hear it following us down river, i bilieve something was tryin to make us go away and when we didnt go away it got worse till a large rock was thrown towards us and hit middle of the river."

Follow-Up: 1-12-11

I spoke to both Tommie Hill, 28, and his brother Jeff, 36, on Jan. 12th and 13th, three days after the experience took place and can add that both men seemed entirely sincere in their claims of experiencing something unusual that evening. The incident occurred in a densely forested area on White City Road, near a boat dock along the White River. The sounds first began on the other side of the river, but soon moved to the side the men were on, which suggests the possibility that more than one creature was involved. They hadn't really been scared, both men claimed, just a little nervous, even after they realized that they were unarmed and something large and heavy was moving through the woods following them. It was dark, around 7 p.m., and only 10 degrees out, and the chance that it was a person was slim. They had been in the area all day without ever having seen a single animal - an unusual note that both brothers mentioned. Nevertheless they both concluded that it must be a deer, even though following humans would be considered strange behaviour indeed for a deer. Each time they would walk the sounds of crunching ice and loud '"thuds" would ensue from the darkened woods. "Whatever it was," Jeff told me, " it sounded like it was at least twice as heavy as we were. We were walking along, two grown men, and were hardly making any sound at all on the frozen ground." When they stopped, the sounds stopped. They both had flashlights. Jeff's was more powerful than his brothers. He constantly shined the area from which they judged the sounds were coming and saw nothing. They noted, with mounting alarm, that they could see no eyeshine at all. At this point they decided to turn around and head back to the truck, still feeling "a little nervous". It wasn't until they saw the rock sail 30 feet through the air that they finally became afraid.

"It wasn't no little pebble either," Jeff said. "I thought that whatever it was had jumped into the river." Tommie estimated the rock to be larger than a man's head, 15 -20 lbs. Both men immediately broke down and made a mad dash for the truck. "I ain't never [sic] been that scared in all my life," Jeff said. When they reached the truck they wasted no time in getting out of the area. Neither men knows for sure what was in the woods that night, and both asked me what kind of animal could pick up a rock that big and throw it that far. There are none, of course. They both plan to return to the location to search for footprints and other evidence this coming weekend (15th -16th), and promise to send word and pics should they find any. The case is inconclusive at best, but something followed the two brothers and threw that rock. Both men took that action as a clear warning to get out of there, and were happy to oblige.

The general area in which the incident took place is thickly wooded and heavily watered, and has a long history of hairy monster sightings and other unexplained phenomena.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Researcher

Follow-Up continued

Friday Sighting 1-14-11 10pm

Witness Shain M. and a passenger drove down White City Road towards the White River where Tommie had his encounter the previous weekend. While they were driving, spotlighting with a flashlight, they caught a brief, but frightening glimpse of a 9’ tall, grey, angry-looking Sasquatch in the creek (see interview below for more details).

Saturday Sighting 1-15-11 Noon

Shain M. and friend Dwayne went looking for tracks. S.M’s wife and two children joined them. The two children where throwing rocks in the creek. While searching the area, they did find two tracks. The tracks were approximately 13” long in some mulch. As Shain M. is observing the tracks, he catches a brief glimpse of 2 grey sasquatches far off in the distance walking through the trees. He tries to record them with the cell phone, but it was unsuccessful.

Sunday Investigation 1-16-10

Myself, Dana Raymond and Wille Pierce conducted the investigation. We spoke to the witness, Shain, who caught a glimpse of a grey, 9’ tall Sasquatch while driving on a road leading up to the area where Tommie had his sighting a week prior. It was standing in a creek, next to the road. The witnesses where spotlighting using a flashlight. Shain said the sighting only lasted 3 seconds so it was hard to obtain a lot of detail. It had long grey hair which covered its entire body except for its face. It did have a long beard, broad shoulders, and its mouth was raised up on one corner as if it was smirking. It looked “angry”. It had a square, leathery looking face. He couldn’t remember the skin color, or much else regarding the face. It was estimated close to 1,000 lbs. When I asked about the eyes, the witness said he could not see the eyes. There was no eye shine and because it did not raise its hand to block the light, nor did it turn its head to avoid the light (typical of most reports), one explanation is that it simply closed its eyes when the flashlight hit it. Frightened, the witness immediately sped away. Another passenger, who also witnessed the creature was so terrified, he vowed to never return, nor was available for comment. Shain is a veteran and a family man who appeared very sincere and credible. During our investigation, a few possible tracks where found, including a few grey hairs from those tracks (awaiting analysis), and howls where heard at various times throughout the investigation. The tracks were not castable. The ground was still frozen and covered with leaves making it difficult to find tracks. Possible eye shine, a few tracks, hairs and a tree formation were observed, but nothing conclusive. There has been a history of reports around this region and it’s an area worthy of further investigation.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

View photos here.

Website submission on 4-11-08

Your first name: Brad Law

Which county? Hopkins

Estimated date? Mar 28, 2007

Estimated time? 12pm

What city, or nearest city? Nebo

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 minutes

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

"It was late as me and my girlfriend were driving west on rose creek road in Nebo (near the race track) as i seen a dark object laying on the side of the road. i assumed it was a dead deer but as we approached it the animal got up and walked on four feet in the middle of the road.... the back across the road and eventually nearly swiping my girlfriends car... we immediately turned around to look again and found the animal running across a bean field on two legs rather then four... i know a lot of weird people that make up funny stories but this was the real deal."

Describe the creature with detail: 6' tall... completely black, long furry legs, big belly, ugly face. Very scary and intimidating.

Additional Info: Took very large steps, walked on 2 feet, ran on 4 feet... spotted in nebo near 2 big lakes close to the race track.


Mortons Gap - Summer, 2000

A couple out fishing at night is startled by loud snapping noises in nearby trees. Scared, they hurry to their truck only to see a large BF attacking the vehicle. It hit the truck 3 times, then ran back into the darkened trees. Terrified, the two eventually made it back to the safety of the vehicle when the creature let out a high-pitched, blood curdling scream. It was posed that this might be the same monster that was featured in a 1979 edition of local newspaper about a 3 day flurry of sightings in the Hopkins Co. area.

White Plains - Nov. 1995

One evening around 9 pm campers were disturbed by loud moaning sounds coming from forest in an area known as 'Lonesome Woods'. An 8ft. tall, hunched, hairy BF then seen drinking from nearby stream. Witnesses say that as it ran away on two legs over a ridge it sounded like a truck driving over the branches. Incredibly loud exit.

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