Website Submission on 6-28-06

Your first name: Valerie

Which county? McCreary

Estimated date? early and late summer - 2003 or 2004

Estimated time? approx. 11:00p.m and approx. 2:00a.m.

What city, or nearest city? Parker's Lake

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes or less

How many witnesses? none on first, husband on second

Please describe your encounter: Although I have never had a sighting, I do believe I have twice heard the vocalizations of this creature. We were renting a mobile home in Parker's Lake, Kentucky and one evening about 11:00 p.m. I was awakened by the strangest sound I have ever heard. The best I can describe it is an echoing "AAAHEEE" sound that rises in pitch after the AAA part, almost like a peacock's cry that gets louder and higher at the end of the cry. Later in the season, I was again awoken as was my husband, to the same sound. There are deep hollows in and around that area and that is where, to the best of my ear, it sounded as if it were coming from. The first time, the sound was coming from the hollow in front of the mobile home, the second time it sounded as if it were coming from the hollow behind our home. I have lived in Alaska as a child, seen and heard all kinds of wildlife but never in my life heard such an eerie call before. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! We have since moved.



McCreary County, Cumberland Falls State Park Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest, Dogslaughter - 1984

As told by actual witness, Mr. Wxxxxxx:

"The year was pro bally 1984. Me and a buddy decided to go camping for a night or two on the Cumberland River in the Daniel Boone National Forest. It was in August and it was very hot that day. This place is called Dog Slaughter and it is very secluded. It is quite a ways below the Cumberland Falls State Park and the only way to get to it is to backpack in or a canoe. It is really rough terrain and it is rough going. I'm just guessing, but we estimated at least 3 miles or so to the nearest main road and then you have to travel a ways to get to where there are people. We had been going backpacking there for about 5 years or so and it is really beautiful country. The fishing is real good too. A year or two before I stopped and asked a Park Ranger or Game Warden if we could pack a gun in there and he said he wouldn't be back in that place without one. Anyway, we got in there that afternoon just before dark, we wasn't going to stay that long so we didn't take a lot of food. We had a lantern,tent and fishing poles. My buddy also brought a portable Coleman Stove, which he almost left behind because it was so rough carrying it in there, much less trying to pack it out.We got to our camping spot and dark was coming fast, though the sun was still up. It doesn't take it long to get dark back in those mountains.As we walked upon this sand bar we were looking around and that's when we found huge footprints in the sand and they looked like somebody had walked around the sand bar barefooted. But these tracks were really big. We followed them and they walked right into the river and across a little cove and then up a huge log jam. There was just the one set of prints. What was really odd was where the tracks started there was a brand new shiny fish stringer still tied up with about eight really nice White Perch on it. Somebody had walked all the way into this rough place and caught these nice fish and just left them there to rot, and they had already started to decompose. This was really strange, but we never really gave it much more thought. We set the tent up in front of this huge boulder, next to the river. My buddy got the stove going and we started cooking some beans and pork shoulder. We lit the lantern when it got dark and we didn't bother with building a fire. We was going to wait until the next day to gather fire wood because this place is full of Copperhead Snakes and we didn't want to get bit gathering wood after dark with no light. After we ate we talked for a while and then got in the tent to sleep. We were so tired we were going to get up early and fish. The crickets and frogs were really making quite a racket on that river bank until they all stopped and it got really quiet. That's when we heard something jump off of the big rock behind our tent. When it hit the ground it grunted. Then we heard a twig or stick break. That's when this thing started growling, coming towards us. The growl was so big and loud it filled that whole river bottom up with it's growl. I looked at my buddy and said do you hear that? By then we were both getting worried. It was between us and the way out. No matter, we still couldn't have gotten out of there because we were so far back in the mountains and the way out was all up hill now. He said what are we going to do and I told him that I wasn't going to stay in this tent with whatever it was coming towards us. I didn't have a gun just a hunting knife and and hatchet. But, thankfully, my friend had brought his 22 rifle. So He stuck it out of the tent door and shot off about five rounds. I guess this scared it back ,because it didn't come on into camp. It just stayed out in the woods growling until just about daylight. We never did see what it was. But after reality set in and we realized where we were at, I was starting to get worried. I had already made up my mind to jump in the river and take my chances there. That's the only time in my life I've had the hair stand up on my neck from fear. There are Black Bear in there, but if this had been a bear we would have never kept it out of camp because of the Pork Shoulder we were cooking. Besides I,ve heard and saw bears before out in the wild and this was no bear. It sounded big and mean and it meant business. When daylight finally did arrive we thought we saw something big and black walking on the rocks way up the river, but by then we were both so sleepy we couldn't make out what it was, though it didn't look like it walked on four legs, but we couldn't be sure. We didn't stay another night, not really because we were scared, but because we were so tired and didn't really want to go to sleep and have it come back and besides that a bad storm was coming and we barely made it out of there before it hit. I don't know to this day what it was we heard or what those footprints were, but we talk about it still every time we get together. I've been going camping on the Cumberland River for years and that's the first time anything like that has happened back in that wild place. Though a couple of time before this, when we would go back in there, we would notice this strange smell on a rock that stuck out over a little stream that run out of the mountains into the river. the rock is covered with moss and is a nice rock to lay on and relax. The last couple of times though, this rock smells like a monkey's cage, like something that really smells bad has been laying on it. I never could figure out those footprints, because anybody that knows Cumberland River at all knows it's not safe to walk around with boots on much less barefooted because of the copperheads, they're thick in that place. I wear a size ten shoe and the footprints made two of mine.The Cumberland River is a great place for varmints to hide. I never will forget it as long as I live!"

Follow-Up Interview by BF Investigator, Bart Nunnelly:

The witness, Mr.Wxxxxx, contacted me via phone to tell me of his encounter. He sounded very sincere when relating it to me and still wondered, after more than 20 years, about the source of the terrifying vocalizations and gigantic, human-like footprints they had seen that day on the Cumberland River. Whatever it was had scared the two men half to death and made the hair stand up on their arms and the back of their necks. It was the only time in his life, he told me, that he had reacted with such fear at something he could not even see. They didn't want to see it. They just wished it would go away. If it had continued on into camp he was more than ready to throw himself in the river to escape the area. He related the fact that his friend was an extremely rough and tumble sort. Not afraid of anything and always in fights and scuffles with other people. Fearless, he said, until that night. The large, black figure they had seen during their retreat the following morning looked as if it walked on two legs like a man,and they wasted no time in fleeing the scene. That was one fishing trip, he told me, that neither of them would ever forget.

The name of the area in which the event took place, Dogslaughter, might hold some clue as to the history of bigfoot activity there, as it is widely reported that these creatures possess an extreme dislike for dogs.



McCreary County, Pine Knot - 2003

Nightime sighting involving one witness driving on Hwy 92 between McCreary and Whitley Counties. Motorist sees what he at first takes to be a deer approaching road. Fearing it might run out in front of his vehicle he slows down. On closer inspection of animal he is surprised to see a 7' tall, gray colored BF with large, red eyes. The creature then began to act as if it was angry. Motorist spared no gas in fleeing scene. Creature later described as being of medium build with 'athletically muscular frame, large, domed head with hairy face. Area has history of BF activity.